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AMK is open for business to help anyone with debt concerns especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are taking all government recommended precautions to protect our clients and staff, including online meetings, conference calls, and social distancing and sanitization should a in-person meeting be necessary.

Take control of your financial future today and avoid feeling suppressed by debts! Get a free assessment by filling the contact form in the Contact Us section!

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AMK's goal is to provide help for people across Canada by educating individuals, families, and businesses who are struggling with debt. We do this by providing options which include management programs, debt settlement, budget management, credit counselling, and financial restructuring.

Our specialists are dedicated to help you find the best solution that fits your financial situation. We will work to reduce your debt to the lowest amount possible and create a payment plan that suits your budget.

About AMK

About Us

Reach out today

Reach out today

The team at AMK is dedicated to helping Canadians find financial relief and personal hapiness by helping eliminate any debt possible. If you fill our our contact form or call 780-851-2220 to arrange an appointment, one of our senior debt relief specialists will contact you to arrange a complementary and confidential meeting.

We create

We create

When debt seems overwhelming, it seems impossible to find a solution. We help you create that path to financial independence.

Our Team

All of our consultants are well aware of every option and program that is available in Canada. The only way we succeed is by helping you succeed. We will work on your behalf to ensure that you're made aware of your options to make an educated decision regarding your financial situation.

With our highly trained and experienced staff, we guarantee the highest level of customer service. We can help bring your financial stress to financial relief.

Our services

Our Services

AMK is here to provide a personal touch and give hope to clients feeling drowned by debt or financial hardships. Our main goal is to educate our clients so as to avoid feelings suppressed by debts. We coach them on how to maintain, negotiate, and get out of debt.

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